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Helping the poor

In China, due to the vast territory, the national economic development is not balanced. In some areas, especially in remote and poor areas, there are many children without access to education. Moreover, some research and education departments, due to the lack of funds, are not able to further develop their research. These circumstances are highly unfavorable for a stable, long-term development and increasing life quality.  

Canning Chairman Steven Chen pays special attention to education: "We always think that developing a business is not possible without the help and support from all of our society, so when the enterprise develops, it should bring a good return to the community". And Canning people are using their own actions to reflect the Canning spirit created by Steven Chen: "Love for people, with grateful heart". In August 2006, Canning donated 250,000 yuan to build the first Canning Hope Primary School - Xiajiang County Ma Gang Canning Hope primary school - which set the start of Canning's work for education in poor areas. In the The following year, Canning invested in Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province and Chicken Hill Township Primary School. In May 2008, the Gap River government awarded Canning with the "donation of students love unit" award.

The Canning Hope Primary School construction embodies Canning's dedication to the work for people and education. Hope that the project is a work in the contemporary, benefit in the future of public welfare undertakings, Canning hope primary school construction, not only for the development of China's poverty-stricken areas of basic education, improve the backward areas of school conditions make a positive contribution, but also in the whole society. A concern about the support of education, concerned about the next generation of growth of new fashion. Canning people in the charity of the dedication of love cited numerous! Canning people in the public welfare of the move is legendary! Canning will continue to grow and develop, continue to grow and progress in the process, Canning will continue in the "sincere return to the community" under the guidance of the fine tradition of the Chinese nation, continue to focus on and utmost to support public welfare undertakings for China's public welfare undertakings Make a greater contribution.

Canning sincere to forever!

Xiajiang Town, Jiangxi Province

Jiangxi Province Dongping Township Jiguanshan Township Hope Primary School

Gap River reported

-------- Note 05 / 30-06 / 02 Canning participates in the Hope Primary School donation ceremony

In 31st May 2011, the company Jiang Xiaoqin, general manager, business two Chen Yong, deputy general manager, general manager of Mr. Chen Xiaohong and his party 5 people drove nearly 700 km to Jiangxi Province, Xijiang County to visit the Ma Jin Canning Primary School and participate in the school's donation ceremony.

The scene of the school, the school clean and clean, "Li governance strong, realistic and innovative" eight characters particularly dazzling, highlighting the school teachers dare to work hard, do solid work, and strive to the upper reaches of the determination and efforts of the heart. Jiang finished his trip after the trip to visit the school football field, student school, listened to the school school teacher Huang Xiaoyong school school appearance profile introduction. Came to the school hall, the scene sounded a warm applause, especially in the "love of dedication" songs sounded, we hear the students of the company's gratitude to the company and the gratitude of the meaning of the school Jiang made a speech at the donation ceremony on behalf of the company: Canning company since the creation of more than 10 years, in accordance with Mr. Chen Peizhong advocated "with love work, with a grateful heart of life" factory training, wealth from the community and feedback to the concept of society , Canning company will follow the continuous development of society, concerned about the growth of children and school progress, make modest, to arouse more caring people to participate in charity activities, hoping to inspire more people can afford to learn, Rapid social progress.

"June 1" Children's Day is coming soon, I wish you all the seats on the rostrum, first of all Ma Gang Canning Primary School Professor Huang Xiaoyong thanked the speech, Huang said that since 2008, Canning company each year to Ma Gang Ling primary school donated 200,000 yuan, donated bags, stationery, notebooks, school uniforms and other 700 sets of 100 sets of professional staff, the monthly contribution to the school 4,000 yuan (of which 2,000 yuan per month is Chen, chairman of personal contributions) for excellent Students donated scholarships, each donation so that they feel very excited, school buildings have made significant improvements, teachers and students work and learning to improve the enthusiasm, but also inspired all the teachers and students of self-confidence and development, thanks to the company to give Dedication. All the children thrive, learning progress!

After the donation ceremony, Chiang total line with the sun, with daily necessities and oil and other condolences to Ma Gang Canning Primary School Xie Hui and other five poor students condolences, in every student home Jiang always told the children to go to school , Grew up to serve the motherland.

Through this activity, embodies the social value of Canning company and gratitude, feedback, gratitude, Canning company not only do the school a few years of small donation activities, more

Is concerned about the progress and growth of society, care for children's learning, because so, more people will understand the community, greater encouragement of more people to participate in education, greater encouragement for more people to contribute to the development of the country The


Helping the poor

2016 Ma Gang Jinling Elementary School donation activities

2016年马埠金凌小学捐赠活动 2016年马埠金凌小学捐赠活动

"5.12 Wenchuan earthquake" affects the hearts of millions of people, Canning printing to Sichuan earthquake disaster area donations

Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake affects the hearts of millions of people. Canning printing at each time to respond, the next day Canning Printing Corporation administrative office to the local branches issued as "disaster compatriots donations of the proposal", the local branch of the active response should be and organize employees to raise to the disaster area Donations, a short period of three days has been raised to more than ten million donations ... ...

"Canning love to help students project" start

Love education, Canning dedication sincere. Canning Printing Chairman Mr. Chen Peizhong special attention to children and education, he said: "We always think that a business to develop, can not do without the help and support from all walks of life." And Jin Ling people are using their own actions to reflect "With love for people, with grateful heart" Canning spirit. Xiajiang County Ma Gang Canning hope primary school, which opened the Canning printing in the poverty-stricken areas of the construction of hope primary school prelude.

Canning Printing provides employment opportunities for disabled people

Every business should bear their own share of social responsibility, most people with disabilities in the physical disability is more hope after the spiritual comfort. And a work can not only solve the problem of life, and so much is to let him get the recognition of the community ...

Canning a staff of the family suffering from chronic illness, Canning first time out of the hand of aid ...

Devotion to love