The use of advanced printing technology not only effectively enhances the production efficiency, but also enables our customers to shorten their product development cycle and reduce development costs.

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Located in our headquarters in Dongguan is the Canning creative center, our team of professional designers and experienced printing engineers. Their work, which involves developing creative and innovative designs, as well as process optimization covers every step of the production chain: Beginning from finding and testing the new material, the application of different materials, the introduction of new technology and optimization of finished products, safety inspection right up to the early review of costs. Our team is readily available and delivers high quality designs and customer orientation.

Canning's team of engineers: with rich experience and efficient service to win the customer's trust and satisfaction.


Canning printed in early 2008 took the lead in the use of the most advanced screen proofing technology and successfully applied to the printing production online. The use of this technology not only effectively enhances production efficiency, but also enables our customers to shorten their product development cycle and reduce development costs.

In 2009, we introduced the advanced prepress digital technology, including computer-to-plate systems, color management system, soft proof, and more. Through these technologies in the production process and the effective implementation, we can effectively reduce costs, standardize management processes, control and improve the printing quality and a large number of pre-press production cycles and improve the accuracy and effectiveness of communication.

Perfect postpress processing and binding equipment, but also to provide customers with a variety of Indian after the process, including bronzing, paste, hit convex, flash powder, cloth and so on. In addition, in the ink color control and spot color ink deployment, the use of the X-rite computer ink color system (Ink Formulating System), through the spectrophotometer (Spectro Densitometer) to measure the color of the spectrum and with the standard Color contrast, choose the smallest difference, the lowest cost, the best print the formula, in the shortest possible time to deploy the most accurate color of the spot color ink. In addition, we also hold a variety of ink variable color change, variable temperature discoloration, special glazing texture, two-dimensional / three-dimensional optical variable image design (Optical Variable Design: OVD) bronzing technology, a variety of high-tech anti-counterfeiting technology combined with print on.


Detection type
equipment name
Used in
Sticky test
Electronic stripping test machine
Raw Material Test
Early adhesive tester
Raw Material Test

Sticky tester

Raw Material Test
Operating environment simulation test
Constant temperature and humidity test box
Raw Material Test
Light aging test box
Raw Material or Finished Product           Test
Aging test box
Finished Product Test
Color detection
Finished Product Test
Bar code tester
Finished Product Test
Design Product /Finished Product          Test
Electrostatic detector
Finished Product Test

To meet the needs of diversification, we have introduced Heidelberg (Heidelberg), Dasheng (DASHEN), Iwasaki (IWASAKI), Luo iron (MACHINERY), million versatile (ORTHOTEC) and other brands with more than 100 units of the world's most advanced printing equipment.

1. Heidelberg (Heidelberg) Subaru SM74-6L
    six-color printing presses

2. Heidelberg (Heidelberg) Subaru SM52
    four-color printing presses

3. Heidelberg (Heidelberg) Indian Pa PM74
    five-color printing presses

4. Heidelberg (Heidelberg) India Pa PM52
    four-color printing presses

5. Heidelberg SORD two-color printing presses

6. Heidelberg (Heidelberg) MO two-color printing

7. Heidelberg GTO monochrome presses

Heidelberg (Heidelberg) Subaru SM52 four-color    printing presses

1. DASHEN DS-260R rotary press

2. Iwasaki (LRW) LR25 intermittent rotary press

3. Jiasheng (JIASHENG) satellite-wide rotary presses

4. Million versatile (ORTHOTEC) CSL3022 printing        presses

5. Iwasaki (IWASAKI) 280 half-rotary presses

6. DASHEN 210 Presses

7. Jiansheng (JIASHENG) 210 printing presses

DASHEN DS-260R satellite-wide rotary press

1. PWS - 310 Continuous Screen Printing Machine

2. Zhongyou automatic screen printing machine

3. Xiang Zhen Tong automatic screen printing              machine

4. Chuan Ling steel manual screen printing machine

5. Dengfeng screen printing presses

6. Steel source screen printing presses

PWS - 310 Continuous Screen Printing Machine

We have complete supporting processing equipment.

1. Mitel Martini (Muller Martini) automatic riding          nail production line

2. Mitel Martini (Muller Martini) automatic plastic          production line

3. Otto (AOTUO) ZYHD670 mixed folding machine

4. (MOB) BP450 automatic folding machine

5. (STAHI) KC66 automatic folding machine

Muller Martini automatic riding nail            production line

1. FYB1000 high essential oil film machine

2. water-based laminating machine

3. Jiasheng 270 automatic die-cutting machine

4. automatic beer machine

5. manual beer machine

6. punching machine

FYB1000High Essential Oils Fumo Machine

Jin Ling's Ko-Pack seven-color relief business stickers printing presses also provide a one-stop service from printing to die-cutting, to meet the high-end customer demands for trademark products.

In October 2008, we completed the 100,000 dust-free purification workshop.